Your New Favorite Songs

DAY SEVEN //  your five favorite songs

It's so difficult to choose favorites with songs. But here it goes -

#1) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
           Post about my love for this song - which started when it was performed at my grandmother's funeral when I was very little - here.

#2) O Holy Night
           I listen to this song all year long. It's too good to be restricted to just the Christmas season.

#3) A Maker of My Time
           Also pretty much every other song by the Paper Kites. They're a bit of an obsession right now.

#4) Hey Pretty Girl
           This may very well be the cutest country song ever sung (a close second right now would be I Don't Dance by Lee Brice ). Well done, Kip Moore.

#5) Biodh An Deoch Seo 'n Laimh Mo Ruin
            I will forever have an affinity for traditional Gaelic music. Julie Fowlis is, hands down, my favorite Gaelic artist.

And there we go. Listen and love. You're welcome.

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