Pinching Pennies

from an old, old outfit post, in which everything but
the tights (hand-me-downs) was thrifted

DAY THREE // your favorite store

I am extremely money conscious/frugal/penny-pinching/cheap. That, combined with a pathological fear of finding myself wearing the same thing a someone else, has turned me into an avid thrifter.

When I was much younger, I hated the Salvation Army. It was a dirty place filled with ugly clothes that were only there because no one else wanted them. At some point I came around. For a while I would only buy clothing there that was some kind of name brand. Thankfully it didn't take long for me to grow out of that stage. Now, if you look back at any of my outfit posts, I can guarantee that almost all of every single outfit was thrifted.

I have only two rules for shopping at the Salvation Army:
1) The older, the better. Bonus points for being homemade.
2) NO underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, sheets, or blankets. No amount of washing could make those acceptable.

I'm a bit more lenient with the second rule when shopping at Goodwill. I have a bit more faith in the cleanliness of their items.

Thrifting has been more of a hobby than anything, but as I assume responsibility for my own finances, it'll be a necessity. Even if I'm ever in a position where I can afford full-priced fancy name-brand clothing, I'm not sure I could bring myself to spend that much. I'll be a thrifter for life.

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