A Week in Review

1 // On Monday, I walked dogs. I have this awful fear of dogs, so that was pretty huge step for me. And the best part is - they didn't even try to kill me!

2 // Kenny Chesney was in town for a concert on Wednesday! And a local radio station was throwing a pre-party, with performances by Kenny and a local country group called Leaving Austin (they were on America's Got Talent a while ago). Except there wasn't really a performance by Kenny. The advertising was misleading! Or maybe it wasn't and I just assumed Kenny would be there so that's what I told everyone... Fortunately, I can write it off as a blonde moment and no one questions it. A couple friends and I showed up 3 hours early to make sure we got spots (when Hunter Hayes came, the bar was packed!). We probably should have taken the fact that the bar was still practically empty an hour before the show as a sign Kenny wasn't actually performing...but we remained blindly optimistic. Leaving Austin was still good though! They had a lot of great covers, and I loved their original songs. I can't wait for them to get big!
Oh, and one of the workers at the restaurant bar ended up giving us our drinks for free, so that was kind of awesome.

3 // "Speed-dating" with the Chinese students was just as fun as it promised to be! Between the guy who refused to tell me his American name, trying to get me to say {more like butcher} his Chinese name instead, and the guy talking about his three girlfriends, there were a lot of laughs.

4 // Obviously the Royal Baby was a highlight - adorable!

5 // Hold the phone - I have a snapback. And that pretty much completes my wardrobe. I should be giving it a makeover soon...so check back for that sometime next week!

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  1. Number three!! That is so so funny lol! And I love Hunter Hayes!! How fun ;-)


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