It Really Was Too Good To Be True...

A while ago I pinned these pancakes on Pinterest.


3 ingredients, healthy, and delicious - amazing, right?
It may just be me {which is totally possible. I have a tendency of not quite following directions...but how could I mess this up???}, but these things were nasty. Like "holy-cannoli-let-me-choke-this-down-before-I-gag" nasty.

They may look pretty decent here, but NO. No, no, no. Do not be deceived.
As soon as I finished mixing the batter, I knew it was going to be bad...so I added chocolate chips. Lots and lots of chocolate chips. And they helped a bit. The one on the right in the picture actually ended up tasting all right. I accidentally cooked it veeeery well (like, it was totally black on both sides), but that ended up being a good thing. I took my attention away from the nastiness of the pancake itself.

It was a very filling breakfast - but I've definitely learned that if something sounds too good to be true...it probably is.

However, if you are still crazy enough to try these...things...after reading this post, a few recommendations:
#1) Mash the bananas thoroughly. And once you think you've mashed them thoroughly, mash them some more. And then a couple more times. I'm thinking it might help the texture.
#2) The recipe calls for almond butter...and maybe it actually needed almond butter and you shouldn't substitute that for peanut butter. Maybe.
#3) Have add-ins. I really don't think I would have finished them if I didn't know I'd be getting a nice dose of chocolate with each bite. You could go a healthier route, I suppose, with berries or whatnot...but where's the fun in that?
#4) Burn them black. None of this "golden" trash.

Best of luck. Let me know how it turns out if you go ahead with this. 
I, for one, will never be attempting these again.


  1. Hey, I have almond butter. Let me know if you plan to try anything that uses almond butter again and I will give you some.

  2. Haha...you are too funny. I think I'll just take your word for it and not try the pancakes. You get all the points for the effort, though! :)


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