M:PT Day 1 of COLOR

earrings: 99 cent store (because I'm classy like that)
shirt: target - my color piece for the day
belt: hand-me-down
trousers: F21
shoes: they got cut out, but they're from wet seal

Don't worry, I'm not going totally fashion blogger on you. Not that I have anything against fashion bloggers - I'm actually kind of addicted to them right now - that's just nowhere near what I had in mind when I started this blog. But since I'm participating in M: PT, and I haven't been posting too much lately, I figured that this would be a great motivation for me to post! I'll already be online putting my outfit pic on flickr, so it'll be easy for me to head on over here and do the same.

This transition into summer is always hard for me clothing-wise. Once I can no longer hide under my well-beloved sweaters and cardigans and such, I suddenly hate my entire closet. That is why having M: PT in May is so perfect! I'm hoping this will help me love my closet, and get comfortable with it. With that being my goal, I went entirely out of my comfort zone with this outfit. I tucked in my shirt, and you can't tell from the picture, but my trousers are rolled up. Both of those are looks that I love on others, but always shy away from wearing myself. And, to be honest, as soon as I left the house, the shirt came untucked, and a few hours later, the trousers were unrolled. Oh, well. I'll get there...

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