Culinary Pursuits...and a Hairnet

For the next two weeks, I am enrolled in a Culinary Arts class. So though I will be attempting to dress for M:PT, this is what I'm really going to look like for the majority of the day....plus a highly flattering apron and hair net that I spared you all the joy of seeing. The apron is actually all right - but the hairnet is just awful.  Today was my first day, and I LOVED it! We made a super-yummy fruit salad, and the professor taught us how to properly cut the fruit (yes, apparently there is a wrong way to cut a strawberry...).

There's only one minor downside to this class: the dress code is going to 1) make M:PT extremely difficult this week, and 2)possibly kill me from heat exhaustion. This week's M:PT theme is shine. I have...well...zero shiny clothing items, so I was going to rely on my accessories and sequined ballet flats to save the day. But then the dress code for this class came, and it turns out that there is NO jewelry or scarves allowed, and all shoes must fully cover the foot. That kinda kills my back-up plans....so this week will be interesting for M:PT. Another part of the dress code is that we are required to wear full-length pants and mid-calf length socks, hence the possibility of death by heat exhaustion. It's HOT here!!!
Here's to a fabulous week-

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