It's Over? Already?

I can't believe it's been an entire month already! I've really enjoyed doing M:PT, in spite of the fact that it was harder than I had anticipated. To finish it off, I've come up with my favorite outfits and a list of what M:PT has taught me.

I'll start with the outfits:
{click to enlarge}

What I've Learned from M:PT:

#1) The four elements of a PT outfit: color, pattern, texture, and shine -  and this isn't just because RA said so. I've noticed that prety much all of the fashion bloggers that I follow use this, too

#2) That having been said, guess what four elements I'm going to be working on getting more of in my closet?

#3) I can pull off trends just as well as anyone else! I've always been scared to jump on with the colored denim, cuffed jeans, pattern mixing, and tucked-in-and-belted trends, but I tried all of the above this month for M:PT and it turns out there was nothing to be afraid of! Silly me...

#4) Actually doing one's hair can add A LOT to an outfit. Generally, I just brush my hair in the morning and leave it at that. For some silly reason, doing my hair made me feel self conscious. But this month, I've tried so many new hair styles (and I have plenty more tutorials I have yet to try!), and I've loved all of them! I still wore my hair down most days, but there's been a huge improvement!

#5) I've gotten much better at taking self portraits, and this prompted me to get some better photo-editing software

#6) Dressing in a PT manner gives me such a boost in self confidence! I just feel better about myself and am overall happier when I'm trying to look nice.

A huge thank you to RA for putting this together! I've loved the support and wonderful styles of everybody who participated! Everybody was so kind in their comments -  I've loved every minute of this!!! 


  1. I LOVE that you posted what you learned! Hooray!

  2. Girl, you won! Email me your mailing address by Friday, okay?


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