Day 2 - FUSCHIA!

scarf: free from a Susan G. Komen 5K
top: hand-me-down
tank: Salvation Army
trousers: target

I am SOOOOO much more comfortable in this outfit! It's kind of sad that I've already had to resort to only a pop of color, though. My closet is made up of about 50% color - half of that which is long-sleeved and no longer appropriate to the weather - and 50% blacks, browns, whites, and grays. So here is SUMMER GOAL #1:

Shop in COLOR!

Speaking of shopping - a word about Salvation Army. I think it's really disgusting. Is that just my local store, or is that everywhere? I never ever ever wear anything from there unless it has gone through a few washes, and as soon as I get home from shopping there, I scrub my hands skinless and feel like taking a shower. That being said, I LOVE Salvation Army!!! Shopping either there or at Goodwill is one of my most favoritest things. Probably over half of my closet is thrifted, and because of that, I pretty much never have to worry about having the same clothing as anyone else. That, plus the fact that it's suuuper cheap, will keep me braving its germ-infested aisles for a looong time.

Happy Wednesday!

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