Believing in Something


I noticed a lot of these posts floating around the bloggy world a while ago, and
I've finally decided to make my own. Kudos to whoever did the original one!

I believe....

+ that socks are always a good gift
+ in second chances
+ in a loving Heavenly Father
+ that I am His daughter
+ in lots of whipped cream
+ that rolling down the windows and playing
 loud music makes a minivan cool
+ in working hard
+ in taking breaks
+ perfection is attainable...some day
+ my best is good enough until then
+ people are placed in my life for a reason
+ trials are blessings
+ chocolate and mint were a match made in heaven
+ in living prophets
+ baby hedgehogs are pretty much the cutest things ever
+ somewhere out there, I've got a Stripling Warrior waiting for me
+ in staying up all night to finish a good book
+ popcorn is better with cheese
+everything is better with cayenne pepper
+ in answered prayers
+ that no is still an answer
+ not yet is an answer, too
+ Christmas is amazing
+ Josh Groban was one of the lead singers in
the choir of angels in heaven...as was David Archuleta
+ in running
+ that I can share my testimony through music and the way I live my life
 better than I ever could with words
+ in singing and dancing around the house
+ that love can conquer all
+ in a Taylor Swift song for every situation
+sweet pickles are NASTAY
+ adding a scarf automatically makes any outfit super-cute
+ that people are innately good
+ in getting stuck on the Ellen DeGeneres channel on Youtube
+ hugs and kisses can fix anything
+ in dressing up
+in breakfast for dinner
+ that I can still be a princess and a ballerina...childhood
fantasies never really expire
+ in the Law of Compensation: tears of sorrow will be
 repaid a hundredfold with tears of joy in the end
+ in an infinite Atonement that will make all things
right and fair in the end

Happy Monday!
What do you believe in? If you write up one of these
posts {or have already done so}, let me know - I'd love to see it!

Covered in Grace


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! I'm going to steal it!! I believe in scarves and music and good people, too. And keep holding out for that Stripling Warrior. He's out there. Be patient. :)

  2. Baby hedgehogs, huh... :) Great list. Glad I stopped by from Covered in Grace. New follower. I'm a fan of socks and whipped cream too. Merriest of Christmas to you, dear.


  3. Hey, I'm a new follower from the Monday meet up! I love socks, especially the colorful and really long ones! Nice blog! :)

    Follow back?:)



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